3D In Motion


Raw pointcloud output from Cloudburst

Cloudburst is the first 3D camera on the market based on Symbolic Light™ technology, making real-time streaming of high-precision depth images and pointclouds easier than ever.

Patented Symbolic Light 3D sensor streams real-time depth data or pointclouds from moving scenes, even with a hand-held sensor.

Symbolic Light is different from previous 3D techniques. A single pattern of engineered light is captured in a single camera frame. The 3D decoding algorithm can find individual dots in that pattern with sub-pixel precision. The result is rock-steady 3D and sub-mm depth precision.

Human-scale 3D captures depth from 10 cm to 4 m. Capture dark objects or light, in bright light or pitch dark. Professional, machine vision API, and completely factory calibrated, Cloudburst is plug and play and ready for machine vision.Cloudburst

Stream depth data of a moving scene to help your robot look inside boxes and find random parts, keep your UAV from hitting obstacles, or just capture human gestures. Cloudburst 3D data is low-noise, precise, and fast.Find out more.