3D-pick-and-placeCloudburst is a general purpose 3D sensor with a wide range of applications. Human scale 3D has a very large depth of field, and a wide field of view along with single flash capture which captures 3D in motion all make Cloudburst best for room size applications in logistics, robotics, or simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM).

The flexible platform allows the technology to be applied in a variety of applications, including:

○  Logistics; box filling, palletizing
3D data can look inside a box to see if contents are over or under-filled. It can quickly measure the size of boxes to optimize rainbow pallets.

○  Robotics: object ID, pick & place
Cloudburst 3D data can be used to accurately guide and orient a robot gripper even when parts are scattered in the bottom of a bin.

○  Autonomous vehicles: object avoidance, navigation
Motion capable streaming data can give detailed feedback about obstacles in your path, or navigate complex terrain.

○  Automotive: driver interface, driver safety
Because Cloudburst works even in bright light, your application can tell the difference between an alert driver and one nodding off.

○  Gesture recognition
Cloudburst streams data in real-time so it can capture human gestures for everything from gaming and control to dirty-hands interfaces.

○  Hand-held 3D scanner
Fast exposure and streaming data make hand-held operation possible. Full-frame 3D data enables key feature tracking to keep all the data together.

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