Cloudburst 3D Camera

Cloudburst 3D Camera: USB3, 116 x 72 x 33mm

Cloudburst 3D sensor is a camera that sees the world in 3D. Instead of capturing colors and intensity, Cloudburst records distances and outputs a cloud of 3D points, or an image representing distances in the scene.

You control Cloudburst with the Jetstream 3D Decoding API. Make calls to the C/C++ API to stream depthmaps or pointcloud data to your application. Easy to integrate, Cloudburst is factory calibrated and designed to work like a machine vision camera. No targets to point at or camera intrinsics to measure, and no obscure parameters or algorithms to learn, so you can focus on using 3D data

Cloudburst consists of a sensor head and a decoding API for either a PC host or an embedded system. The efficient 3D decoding improves frame-rate while leaving ample room for your application. Cloudburst is designed with machine vision in mind. Easy hardware or software triggering makes it simple to combine and synchronize multiple sensors, or merge the data with your existing RGB cameras.

○  Cloudburst captures and streams full 3D frames of moving or stationary objects, and can even be hand-held during capture.

○  Cloudburst sensors can be synchronized to capture a scene at multiple angles simultaneously.

○  Cloudburst works in a wide range of ambient lighting conditions, and it requires no additional illumination or controlled environments.

○  Cloudburst is factory calibrated in our high resolution 3-step process eliminating tedious user steps and simplifying merging of multiple 3D frames or 2D and 3D data.

○  Cloudburst’s efficient 3D decoding improves frame rate while leaving room for your application.

○  Cloudburst precisely measures depth with low noise, ensuring reliable performance without averaging.

Cloudburst block diagram

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